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Just Kids was a wonderfully warm and supportive environment in which my kids could learn and grow.  The kids loved the fun and creative activities they had every day to engage them in learning in a fun way, and they loved having lots of time to play with their friends.  Because of the small size, the teachers were able to tailor the lessons to meet each child's individual needs. Linda and Diane were really great about adapting the lessons for my special needs daughter and coordinating with her therapists so she could receive therapy at school.  Their support both for my daughter and me was phenomenal and helped us get through some really tough times. 

Just Kids was a godsend for us.

Just Kids is a great place for children to learn and grow.  Your children will not only learn about the fundamentals such as reading and counting, but also learn about friendships, manners, and how to be a kind person.  The management at Just Kids is very experienced, and cares a lot about the well-being of all of the students.

What we found at Just Kids was a loving, down-to-earth atmosphere. The teachers were incredibly patient with our rambunctious son. They helped him learn how to control himself and also to think of others. He was ready for kindergarten with his ABC’s and 123’s. A wonderful place that we recommend to everyone!

Nancy and David Comley

Just Kids is a place where your children will be loved. It is more than a school for them it is a 2nd home and family. When they leave they are well prepared academically for kindergarten. Beyond that they become creative responsible and respectful little people with meaningful friendships and relationships that will stay a part of them forever.

Our five year old twins attend Just Kids. The quality of care and learning that they receive is above and beyond what we expected when we first started Just Kids over 3.5 years ago. Our children are always eager to go to school, and at the end of every day they love to share all the details of the happenings that make up their day; whether it’s a new song they learned in music class, constructing an awesome themed project, producing a memory filled piece of artwork, reading a funny book during story time, cooking fun foods, learning new words, mastering numbers and letters, painting with a potato or simply playing outside with their friends – the activities are always imaginative and FUN, and the children are continuously learning; we could not ask for a better group of teachers/caregivers and we are so grateful for all they provide our kids.


We have created everlasting relationships with the Just Kids families and teachers. The saying, 'It takes a village to raise a child', is so true and we are one lucky family to have had Just Kids be part of our village!

Amy S.

We discovered Just Kids in 1985 before Diane started working with her mom and sister, Linda.  When we recommend Just Kids, I always say "it's as safe and fun as going to Grandma's".

My children were complimented because they were reading their books at the bank. They are now looking for right, acute, and obtuse angles as we sit at Dunkin Donuts. I am so thankful for their teachers at Just Kids, who make learning so much fun that they want to continue the learning even on the weekend.

Elizabeth Steitz Gift

Just Kids was our first born's first preschool experience.  At three years of age, she had not yet been in daycare or away from a parent or grandparent for any period of time. The teachers at Just Kids created a fun and nurturing environment that our daughter immediately embraced and thrived within for two years.  Now a second grader, she still asks if she can go back to Just Kids!  This school is a unique, family focused, lovely environment for our little ones and the country setting is gorgeous!  We wish Linda, Diane and the Just Kids team much success.

The Smiths

Our certainty that Just Kids was such a safe, fun and enriching place for our son began the very first day we brought him. We were rookie parents complete with our own anxiety, worry and guilt for abandoning our child. His tears as we left didn't help matters. Fortunately within minutes we received a phone call so that we could hear him singing away with abandon. We eventually brought his younger brother and they both spent their years prior to Kindergarten there. We can say with no hesitation what so ever that Just Kids was the perfect fit for our family. Were we to relive that time in the life of our family, we would once again look forward to taking that drive on Covered Bridge Road to Just Kids.


Jim Mastrich & Kathryn Hall

We started our son at age 2 because we knew he needed something more to fill his days. He was a little hesitant the first few days but with lots of love, plenty of playtime, creative projects, encouragement and understanding he has grown and learned so much! We couldn't be happier with the family run establishment.

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